Copper foiled business card

Victorian Woodworks

Victorian Woodworks With just six months before launching at Decorex, we were tasked with rebranding and re-positioning Victorian Woodworks as a luxury destination for wood floors. With the name set in stone…

Victorian Woodworks 3D

Victorian Woodworks (3D) The Victorian Woodworks brand enabled some fun and innovative exploration into 3D and POS display projects.

Orchid Furniture

Orchid The brief was to provide Orchid with a new identity which better reflects the quality of exquisite, eastern inspired furniture and reposition them at the upper end of the furniture market.…
CGI Grand Collection

CGI Art Direction

Victorian Woodworks Enchanted environments and surreal scenes were created to express the adventerous nature of this reclaimed wood specialist. The images were produced using actual wood floor photography combined with CGI enviroments…